Monday, November 29, 2010

Quality time with my Lonnymag

I love Lonnymag and I love this dressing room!
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I had a wonderfully long Thanksgiving weekend filled with food, friends and family. I worked on my metal element energy and throat chakra by singing some karaoke (believe it or not, I am an amateur!) and I even had some relaxing time to thumb through some of my favorite magazines. A perfect weekend. One magazine that I absolutely love is Lonnymag. It's an online magazine but believe me, the absence of the pages under your fingers will be quickly forgotten once you view all the beautiful interiors and products they feature. 

In the Oct/Nov issue, interior designer Celerie Kemble invites us into her home and it is a dream. Her black and white dressing room shouts luxury, relaxation and command. Celerie will never be startled while she is primping since she has a beautiful mirror that allows her to see behind her so that she stays rested and calm. The rest of her home is equally beautiful and elegant and you can see from the photos.

In complete command of the living room

This photo and view speak for themselves

If you haven't checked yet, do so today. Yes, I do miss the tactile feel of my now "old-school" design magazines, but I will just have to imagine now that my magazine is tucked under my my laptop. Definitely worth the trade off!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventurous Advent Calendars

The calendar that sparked the idea!
photo: pottery barn

Ahh, the Advent Calendar. Regardless of religion, the concept of the advent calendar is thrilling for every child. Who wouldn't want to have a little surprise or chocolate for each of the 25 days until Christmas? I saw this calendar at Pottery Barn and was completely inspired. Why not integrate the idea of it into Feng Shui? And have some childlike fun while we're at it?
A whimsical calendar that can be made to match any decor

In Feng Shui, we recommend if you perform a task for a specific result, that you do it for 27 days. The number 9 and multiples of it are most auspicious in Feng Shui as 9 is the number of completion. I realize that advent calendars are only for 25 days. So here is my inspired suggestion. Buy an advent calendar that you love – or better yet, make one. When you are buying or making it, keep the intention in your mind of why you are buying it – More money is coming to me or I am powerful and inspired or a healthy, loving relationship is forming. Depending on your intention, fill each pouch or container with a saying, a poem, or an actual object that supports your main intention. For example, if you want a new relationship, in each pouch put two matching objects such as two movie tickets that would signify a fun activity that you and your partner will share. Do that each day until you get to day 26. On days 26 and 27, put these last things on your desk or nightstand so that you will be able to see them everyday and remind you of your intention.
 Two easy to make advent calendars

The purpose of this calendar is to not only beautify your space but to actively shift your qi around your issue and to remind yourself of the wonderful changes that are already happening around you. Most importantly have fun with this calendar!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Presto Wallpaper

Wallpaper that you can actually put up in no time!

Who doesn't love the look of modern wallpaper? It's an easy way to transform a room that needs a little TLC and a shift of qi and style.

One of my favorite motifs!
photos: Lolly Props

Enter Lolli Props. They created Tempaper which offers us the beauty of wall paper but without the headache of application and the fumes of dangerous chemicals. Their fun idea uses the ease of sticker technology for that instant gratification whether you are putting the paper up or changing it out. This is dangerous territory for me since I can see myself changing the paper every other week since it's so easy to do! See the video tutorial here and check out how simple it is to do: