Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sometimes what my computer feels like on my back! 
This was taken near the Meatpacking District

As we're about to head off for vacation, I need to make an important decision. You would think that with the amount of thought I'm putting into it that it's a life threatening decision. Well, it's not. At least not yet. The question of the day is.....To unplug or stay plugged in? Do I go cold turkey or share my experiences and inspiration with you while I am "en vacances?" This has been a grueling battle for me for years. I work on the computer sometimes all day often forgetting that my eyeballs have been immobile for hours (except for crawling inches across a computer screen) creating this zombie-like walk when I finally do move my limbs.

Although I love me my computer, it's also one of my sources of overwhelming anxiety. I feel compelled to respond back to the 50 emails I got this morning or I start reading a news article and 2 hours later, I find myself motionless, 22 websites later and reading about how to poach an egg properly. When I snap out of the digital trance, I realize that not only my 50 emails have gone unanswered but there are another 75 that were just added to it. This is truly a problem of mine but it also seems to be a general problem of the 21st century. Help! What is one to do?

We are draining our Chi as a culture. Let's build it back up people! According to this article, we're slowly straining our eyes. But they're nice enough to give us some tips on how to prevent this from happening. I also found this funny link (ok stop searching...) that was funny and also helpful.

So off to vacation I go. After stepping off my soapbox, you're probably convinced that I'm going to unplug. Alright, I am a professed junkie. My laptop is coming with me. But I may not plug it in. May not. What I do promise is that I'll have a good time regardless and if I don't check in, I'll make sure to catch up when I get back. I'm off to replenish my Chi. My eyeballs say see y'all soon!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Times Square Revival

A peaceful reflection amidst the craziness

The times seem to be a 'changin. A walk down Times Square yesterday revealed to me some interesting things. It seems like the ailing economy has some ad execs going soft. Look at some of the ads that I saw all around the previously sticky 42nd Street.

Baby proclaiming Love and banks using the word Human!

Find the Love in this photo!

Maybe it's just my Feng Shui eyes that were seeing things differently on a grey day and even greyer economy, but that's what we have to realize - that it's just our perception at that given moment. If we can look past the scantily clad American Apparel ads, shift our perception and be grateful for what we already have, we'll be ok!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York Feng Shui

Upper East Side Magic

This gorgeous weather leaves me speechless. I feel that warm temperatures make even the buildings happier. Don't you agree?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Permanently Temporary

This citrus plant requires no watering!

Don't you just love those little birds sitting on the ledge of this baseboard??

Often Feng Shui advises elevating the Chi of your space by adding a nature element such as plants. But you say you have a brown thumb. Or that your space doesn't get enough light. What does a Feng Shui abiding person to do? I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of silk flowers and plants. Don't get me wrong, they have gotten them to look so real these days that I have accidentally watered a silken beauty or two. But silk fauna is not really my aesthetic preference. And I really believe, especially as designer, that your space should follow the Feng Shui principles that will help you achieve your objective, but it should be aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.

That's why I am so excited about the concept of wall stickers. They really are a fun way to jazz up a space and bring some life into your Chi deprived rooms. Innovative folk such as Ferm Living have really done a great job in creating wall stickers for all tastes. Of course real is always better, but wall stickers are a great modern day alternative. Since they are easy to apply and easy to move around, you have no excuses now!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

I kid you not, I water the plants with my leftover water!

We're thinking of renovating our bathroom. Could be a fun project...or not. I mean there are important things to consider - tiles and hardware and paint color right? But we've found ourselves at a standstill over other things. It's not even about the shower curtain color or the plushness of our towels. It's the toilet. Yup, good ole Mr. Flush it All. And get this, it's not even about the shape or color or design. You would think right? Our point of differentiation is the flush factor. No you didn't hear me wrong. The flush. I'm a super eco-conscious person but isn't everyone these days? So doesn't everyone want to put a dual flush toilet and low flow shower head in their bathroom if they could? I mean, haven't they seen the images of polar bears floating on melting ice caps in the middle of nowhere?
Recyling aside, this sign can also symbolize the flow of many things including relationships

Let's just say, in my house, I'm alone on this new frontier. We are not by any means wasteful, but we're not all on board on how we should dispose of aluminum foil or that cardboard thingy in the middle of the paper towel roll. Ok, maybe I am a bit eco-crazy. But to my relief, I am not alone. According a recent article in the New York Times titled, Therapists Report Increase in Green Disputes, others are in the same predicament. Apparently not everyone is thinking about the decomposition of a juice container and whether it should be in the blue, green or regular trash bin. And if they are, it's causing some kind of relationship weirdness.

But I'm not here to open that can of worms. Let it just suffice to say that I love being green but not everyone does and I respect that. I respect that Feng Shui core principle of keeping the Chi of spaces and individuals in harmony. Even if that means I don't get my double flush toilet. Sniff.