Monday, December 6, 2010

An Organic Chi Boost

An unexpected chi enhancer

Looking for a holiday gift for that special someone? Me too. Luckily, my friend Pamela has created a new luxury organic beauty product called The Vanity Pillow. These beautiful pillows are for those who want to look and feel fabulous. It's a simple organic way to prevent wrinkles and relieve pressure on existing wrinkles, by gently supporting your head while you sleep, eliminating facial compression. Sign me up!

You know the scenario, you curl up on your side or on your face (egads!) and in the morning you end up looking like you aged another 20 years. I'm a light sleeper and I think this pillow will help me sleep more comfortably on my back. Not only will that do wonders for my face but also for my chi since I'll sleep better and feel more rested in the am. Yay!

Most people think that Feng Shui is just about moving furniture which affects the energy of the space and eventually you. That is true. But it can also work in reverse - if you have good, strong chi or energy, your space will be infused with your good energy and you'll get more work done, have happier relationships and more energy to do all the things you want to do.
It's that easy to look and feel rested! Your chi will thank you!
photos: Beth Schneck Photography

Best thing of all is that The Vanity Pillow team is generously offering iheartfengshui readers a 15% discount! Thanks Pamela! Just go to and use coupon Code: vpholidayheart at check out. Happy shopping and happy sleeping!!

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