Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cardboard Box Trees

Wouldn't it be nice if these kids were not walking through this but.....

This?????? Now it's possible!!!

I deal with cardboard boxes all the time. Probably more than I'd like to. Aside from helping my clients organize, relocate and donate stuff (that's a separate blog entry), we've also moved homes quite a bit in the past 3 years. And during this process, I have obtained cardboard boxes in many different ways, but mostly in ways that hurt the earth in the most minimal way - recycling grocery boxes, purchasing boxes from where boxes are gently used and recycled (I've used them many times and are great), or inheriting them from recent craigslist re-locaters.

My all-natural sleeping pills

But when I saw this wonderful idea from The Life Box Company, a big smile creeped across my face. I can finally openly admit that I lay awake at night worrying about what happens to the these poor boxes once the last person is done with them. That is if it's not me of course.

So basically this is the recipe - Use your box/es. Reuse em until you can't or don't want to use em any more. Tear em up. Plant em in your garden. Add water and watch. In about 2 months, little trees will start growing! Eureka! I can now finally sleep soundly. I'll just have to resist the urge to plant them on my balcony with my tomatoes.

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