Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Has anyone seen my office?

An office wonderland 
photo: countryliving

As a native New Yorker, I am no stranger to space envy. I am one of those people who has dreamed about opening up a door in my current residence to discover a whole new wing that, for some strange reason, I had never noticed before. I realize that it was only my dream state but it was a lovely 3 hours in my palatial residence.

During my consultations, I am often presented with these types of questions, "What do I do with all this stuff/clutter? Why don't I sleep well? Why am I so unfocused? How do I make my home feel better and have better flow?"  Added to these challenges is the fact that many people are now working from home. Challenges 3, You 0. So how do I address these things in Feng Shui?
photos: top health blt, bottom thomas j story

If you have read Feng Shui books, it often recommends that your desk stay out of your bedroom so it can remain just that, a room for your bed. A quiet and uncluttered sanctuary for when your body is resting and in a state of rejuvenation. New Yorkers these authors are not I say. So here are my 3 main suggestions for a home office that has limited space and abundant paperwork.
  1. Make your work area a place you love. Paint the room, closet or wall a cheery color. Buy binders and boxes that not only organize your papers but bring a smile to your face each time you pick them up.
  2. Be in charge. If you are not facing the door or room (like the ones in the photos), place a mirror on the wall you are facing so you can see behind you. This will put you in a position of command and you will be able to focus your energy better.
  3. Be sure that your chair is in the optimal position. This means that you are not up against a wall, in the direct line of the door to the room or in the passageway. If you are cramped, push your desk further away from the chair to give you ample room to be expansive and creative. If you are in line with the door or passageway, hang a crystal on a red string above so that the energy slows down and mitigates its effect on you.
I have included many photos of offices that were created in closets. Not suggested in Feng Shui, but in my opinion, they do the job well. I would just suggest putting the mirror I indicated in point #2. These definitely get my vote because the best part is - when you're done, you can shut the door and get back to what you should be doing at home - relaxing!

The Container Store must have read my mind. 
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