Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bowery Wowery

Bowery's finest fireplace but unfortunately we were seated too far away!
photo: agentsmithfiles

The gorgeous garden we didn't see either since we were there at night

I'm often asked by people, "What locations in New York have good and not-so-good (that's a euphemism) Feng Shui?"  I naturally pay attention to these details but I don't always advertise. But I guess as they say, "Any publicity is better than no publicity."

A bit late on the cool scale, or perhaps just fashionably late, we finally visited the bar in the Bowery Hotel. We read some great reviews and thought it was time to take a peek. At first, we weren't able to locate it. Instead we ended up first at its bar at the corner Bowery restaurant but quickly realized that it didn't seem to rate high on the "cool" scale with the bright lights and very restaurant feel (understandably so, it is a restaurant) so we inquired about another bar. Our accommodating bus boy informed us that we were probably referring to the bar in the lobby that was down the hall and around the bend. Those of you who have been reading my blog so far know what I am going to say about that. "Where is the bar? And why didn't we find it right away??" 

In any case, down the hall and around the bend we went to be welcomed by a very warm and tastefully decorated interior. Everything was well thought out and rightfully appreciated - the crackling fireplace, the warm wood benches, plush velvet upholstered chairs and dimmed chandeliers. So what do you ask is my qualm? Weeeellll, not to be a complainer, but it was the lobby entrance that irked me.

First of all, we passed by the hotel not even realizing that the bar was just steps beyond the entrance doors. Maybe that was done on purpose to confuse and deter appearances by late bloomers such as ourselves. But once we were seated and part of the decor, we were able to observe the inner workings more closely. The front part of the bar near the reception area was the biggest disturbance. It was sectioned off from the reception area by two large plants, a wood table and two beautiful but awkwardly placed space dividers. You know, like folding screens. It was as if the set up was an afterthought. I tried to take some photos without a flash (to maintain my cool appearance) but the photos were too dark. When I googled some Bowery Hotel Bar images, the majority of the images that came up were of understandably the gorgeous back garden - invisible to us at night - and the lovely fireplace. I can understand why the lobby area was hardly photographed.

Reception and hotel entrance is beyond the red curtain

Another view of the room divider on the left

In Feng Shui terms, they almost got it right. In lieu of the makeshift dividers and plants, why not something more definitive, elegant and confident? Perhaps an iron gate partition married with smokey glass that mixes modernity with their romantically masculine feel? Just a suggestion. 

I would love to hear comments about who has been there and what your experience has been. And if you haven't been there, go check it out and let me know what you think. My intention is not to take business away from BHB but to use it as an example in Feng Shui and the eternal fluctuation of space and energy. So get on over there. The overall decor is a gorgeous salute to the Old World. Added bonus -  drinks were good and the service even better!

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