Thursday, January 14, 2010

Child's Play

Junior's peaceful sanctuary

I this child's bedroom! Reflex would probably have most people jamming the bed into the little alcove area so that it fits exactly in that space. But I love how they didn't and how it appears spacious due to the design and layout. That feeling of spaciousness is not too shabby in the Feng Shui department either. It's what we want our children to feel in their bedrooms - that they have room to grow.

Feng Shui for a child's bedroom is somewhat different than for an adult's bedroom. Small fry's room should go the extra mile to give him/her the feelings of growth, safety and stability. This was achieved here by allowing room on both sides of the bed and not pushing it up to a wall. Using muted, soothing colors promotes nurturing and groundedness (is that a word? You get the idea). In general, all bedrooms should be more yin - quieter or darker as opposed to yang which is brighter and more energetic which in turn does not promote rest and quiet. When children are in their rooms, it should be peaceful for them when they are sleeping or doing their homework. If they do play there, make sure that there is proper storage so things can be easily put away during down time. 

If this look is too adult for your youngster's taste, that can easily be changed up a bit by putting up the child's artwork or putting different pillows. Make sure you get your child's input. That's the best way to put your child's Chi into the room. Happy room, happy child. And let us not forget, Happy room, happy child = happy, happy parents.

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