Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Water in the Wind

The first time I saw this photo Chicago’s Aqua Tower designed by Studio Gang Architects, I was impressed. Not to mention that my dream of being Judy Jetson was becoming a reality. From afar, the tower's undulating shape is beautiful to the eye. I've yet to get to Chicago but when the weather gets warmer, I will plan a visit to this building. It will be nice to see for myself as the reviews are somewhat mixed. One thing that occurred to me when I was having lunch – the wavy shape of the building is reminiscent of the wavy quality of the element water in Feng Shui and Chicago is famously known as the “Windy City.” The words Feng Shui literally translated from Chinese means wind (Feng) and water (Shui). I wonder if the architects had this in mind when they were designing it?

Beautiful flowing lines

A great view that I personally won't see. I get vertigo at high altitudes!

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